Johnny Manziel: Paul Finebaum compares Heisman winner to 'Sharknado'

Manziel's offseason just like movie 'Sharknado'

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Johnny Manziel, blah blah blah, partying, blah blah, this is getting ridiculous, blah. Pretty much.Blog Photo - Johnny Manziel: Paul Finebaum compares Heisman winner to 'Sharknado'

What I'm trying to say—and chances are you've already read 100 articles about this—is that Manziel was sent home from the Manning Passing Academy over the weekend, and rumors say that it was because he was ill from living it up at local bars the night before.

ESPN radio host and personality Paul Finebaum hasn't been shy when it comes to critiquing Manziel's offseason charades, recently calling him a "punchline" and that what he's done is "unacceptable."

Once word got out that he came to camp late after oversleeping and then was sent home for dehydration (not to mention pictures surfacing of him going out THAT SAME NIGHT), Finebaum tore into him once again.

"I feel like it's Thursday night again and I'm watching Sharknado," he said on SportsCenter, referring to the new SyFy film. "You can't take your eyes of the screen. It's a train wreck, but it is very compelling, and it's also very disturbing for many reasons.

"We all were college kids once. I was pretty stupid back then," Finebaum continued. "However, I wasn't the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and I didn't have little kids looking up to me. Johnny Manziel has a responsibility, and I think he has blown that responsibility very badly, and the question has become why?
"Whose fault is it? Is it his fault? Of course, you have to take some personal responsibility, even if you're young. But can you blame Kevin Sumlin or the administration at Texas A&M? Johnny Manziel was a problem child before he started becoming the famous football player."

Finebaum does have some merit to his statement. We forget that this is the same kid that was arrested for underage drinking and fighting at a bar before the 2012 season, and providing the police with a fake I.D. This was when no one knew who Manziel was or who would even be Texas A&M's starting quarterback.

Manziel will have a ton of questions to field this Wednesday at the SEC Media Days, and it's amazing to me how Sumlin is still allowing him to represent the team—he can't even take care of his own identity as the face of college football.

"I think the media by and large likes Johnny Manziel," Finebaum said. "He's become kind of the antithesis of Tim Tebow, who held this league and this county hostage a couple years ago when he played at Florida and still does to a degree now in the NFL.
"I think there will be some very tough questions. We'll all be watching across this country how he handles it. If he has answers, if he shows some aplomb, some poignancy, I think he'll get away with it. But if he fails Wednesday morning, I think this bad year will turn even worse."

Manziel is expected to speak somewhere around the 10:30 a.m. mark on Wednesday morning—that is, if he's feeling well enough to show up.

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