Johnny Manziel booster money loophole closed by the NCAA

The NCAA has closed a seemingly ingenious loophole that could have gotten Johnny Manziel paid

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Blog Photo - Johnny Manziel booster money loophole closed by the NCAAJohnny Manziel has trademarked the phrase "Johnny Football," opening up a loophole that could have been a creative way for boosters and other Texas A&M-related folks to sneak him large quantities of cash without violating his amateurism, by NCAA rules.

The trick:
1. Intentionally violate his "Johnny Football" trademark.
2. Wait for Manziel and his people to sue for trademark infringement.
3. Offer Manziel an arbitrary amount of money to settle out of court. 
4. Boom. Manziel gets money.

The NCAA saw this coming, and they've announced that they'll be keeping an eye on activity like this, and will consider it a violation if someone intentionally violates Manziel's trademark for the sole purpose of giving him money.

This would have been a rather incredible way to work around the normal NCAA rules and get these college athletes some money, since the NCAA is so hellbent on keeping them as broke as humanly possible while the schools make millions on them.

Unfortunately for Manziel and the rest of the NCAA football players out there, this isn't going to be the way to go.

The NCAA has said that they'll allow the current lawsuit to go through, which involves Manziel suing for damages against the guy who made t-shirts saying "Keep calm and Johnny Football." That lawsuit will continue on, and Manziel can keep whatever damages he recovers from that. After that, the NCAA will be closely monitoring any lawsuits, and they'll probably spend thousands of dollars on investigating the defendants in those lawsuits, in order to make sure Manziel doesn't get any money for being one of the best college football players in the nation.

Good job, NCAA. glad to see your priorities are in the right place.

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