Jonathan Papelbon says David Ortiz means more to the Red Sox than Ted Williams

Jonathan Papelbon still can't find his marbles

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Oct 10, 2008; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Jonathan Papelbon (left) is picked up by designated hitter David Ortiz after game one of the ALCS at Tropicana Field. The Red Sox beat the Rays 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIREWhen I heard Jonathan Papelbon's latest comments about David Ortiz, my first reaction was that Papelbon has clearly lost his mind.

After pondering it for a few moments, I remembered that it's nothing new, and that he had actually lost his mind a long time ago, and simply hasn't bothered looking for it.

Papelbon's latest verbal diarrhea is in response to David Ortiz, who is complaining that the Red Sox didn't show him enough respect with his latest contract.

Papelbon's words:
"I've already said, let's pay him. I've said David is the Red Sox. David is Red Sox baseball. If I'm the owner or I'm the GM I pay him whatever makes him happy. He's different than anybody else. He's different than Ted Williams. In my opinion, he's bigger than Ted."

Wait, what?

Don't get me wrong... Ortiz means more to the Red Sox than any other player on the active roster. He's the only holdover from their 2004 World Series championship team, and he's easily their best hitter this year. He's beloved by the fans, he has embraced the city of Boston, and he has been the best DH in baseball during his time with the Red Sox.

That having been said, it's blasphemous to compare him to Ted Williams. That really needs no explanation whatsoever, so I'm not going to even address it.

Right now, Ortiz is making $14,575,000 to hit the ball. That's all. He's not being asked to do anything else. Just hit, and hit well.

Ortiz wants a multi-year deal, but the Red Sox feel that they're better off with one-year deals with Ortiz. Based on the numbers, I'd say they're right. If this is how he hits in a contract year, then every year needs to be a contract year for him.

He's an MVP candidate right now, for sure. But he's no Ted Williams.
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