Jonathan Villar steals home against the Orioles

Wei-Yin Chen learns a valuable lesson about paying attention to baserunners

7/31/13 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Blog Photo - Jonathan Villar steals home against the Orioles

When you're a rookie on the historically bad Houston Astros, you have almost nothing whatsoever to lose. For a guy like Jonathan Villar, every game could be an adventure.

If he were playing on any other team, stealing home might be out of the question. It would be risky, and could potentially take the bat out of the hitter's hands. But when you play for the Astros... why not?

Villar went ahead and gave it a shot last night against Wei-Yin Chen and the Orioles, and he actually made it. Chen wasn't really paying enough attention to him, and Villar just took off.

This was a great hustle play by Villar, and thankfully gave Astros fans a thrilling moment during a year when there's not much to be excited about.

The Orioles still won the game, as one might expect, but at least Villar had his once-in-a-lifetime moment, right?

Check it out:
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