Jones finally gets a chance at Ford Field

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Jason Jones will begin his rapidly evolving pro career this season on Ford Field as a defensive end for the Detroit Lions on Sunday. The match will be played on the Lion’s turf against the Minnesota Vikings as the 2013 season opener.
Jones will being his sixth NFL year as a veteran and will be starting as defensive end. Already simmering with acclaimed players, the Lions defensive lineup will benefit much from Jones who is expected to play an important role in their plays.
Jones has been on the roster of Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans before signing a three year contract for the Lions. Both teams have been at Ford Field before but as chance would have it, Jones was injured on both occasions and did not get a chance to play there.
Jones has played in the preseason games amounting to a few sacks and four tackles in all but the Sunday game will be the real thing for him. Stephen Thompson, his high school coach said that he was at his highest spirits to see him play in his own hometown for the home team.
 “I think it’s outstanding. Jason Jones has a great family and a great understanding of who his family and friends are,” he said. “I feel real good for him coming home and to be able to play in front of his family and friends in person is a great thing.”
He added that he would be an excellent face to represent Southfield-Lathrup and the Oakland County and would contribute immensely to further improve the Lions roster. He remarked that he was very happy to see him there.
When attending high school, basketball was the sport to which Jones was attracted more to. Thompson analyzed that Jones was a remarkable sportsman and managed to sway his interests towards football. Jones played quite a few roles in his high school years for the charges including wide receiver, tight end and strong safety. His experience allowed him to diversify his game and contribute more than his position. 
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