Jose Bautista will dent your SUV with his home runs

VIDEO: Jose Bautista smashes SUV in parking lot with home run, environmentalists rejoice

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Blog Photo - Jose Bautista will dent your SUV with his home runsEven though the Boston Red Sox handily won today's contest with the Toronto Blue Jays by a score of 10-4, one presumable Red Sox fan will not be going home happy. Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista managed to significantly dent the roof of an SUV parked behind Fenway with a home run he sent sailing over the Green Monster.

Considering the victim is an SUV driver and a Boston fan, there's a little something in this incident to make just about everybody smile.

The roof-denting home run came in the fourth inning, when the Red Sox were already up 7-1. Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester seemingly had the game in hand, so he threw Bautista a little something in the strike zone. Bautista whacked that ball over the right field area of the Green Monster, and the ball went and damaged an SUV like it was Tiger Woods' ex-wife. The roof contact can be seen at the :45 mark of the video below.

CBS Sports has already produced an animated gif of the incident.

With that roofcrusher, Bautista retook the MLB Home Run lead with his 25th homer of the season. Bautista is currently in line for the third and final starting spot in the American League All-Star team outfield.

Blog Photo - Jose Bautista will dent your SUV with his home runsThe damage can be seen in the image to the right. No windows are smashed, there's just a fairly minor dent to the roof. If that were my car, I'd be unlikely to notice the dent until someone pointed it out to me three weeks later.

Literally a "dinger", this denting home run ball brings up the inevitable question -- who pays for the damages to the car? Fenway Park? Jose Bautista? Jon Lester for throwing such a crushable pitch?

None of the above. The responsibility for damages on a car parked outside of Fenway Park is entirely on the owner. The fact that the vehicle appears to be a Range Rover makes this all seem quite fair.

If Bautista's SUV-damaging style of play has earned a place in your heart, be sure to vote for him as the American League's starting right fielder on the All-Star ballot. The voting closes at 11:59 p.m. EDT Thursday night.
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Steroids dent SUV's....thats a TITLE