Jose Mourinho blames David Moyes for Wayne Rooney’s transfer saga

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Blog Photo - Jose Mourinho blames David Moyes for Wayne Rooney’s transfer saga
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho claims David Moyes is responsible for Wayne Rooney’s transfer saga. The Stamford Bridge boss blamed Moyes for letting Rooney feel unwanted at Old Trafford.
The former Real Madrid manager believes Moyes is the real reason behind Rooney’s desire to leave Manchester United. The Portuguese tactician’s fiery assault towards Moyes in his press conference before Chelsea’s Monday clash with Manchester United will surely heat up the atmosphere before the game.
Mourinho admits he will probably receive spiteful reception at Old Trafford for showing interest in signing Rooney. To further create tensions between the two clubs, Manchester United rejected Chelsea’s third bid at Rooney on Sunday.
“They are against me?” Mourinho was quoted by the Telegraph. “But I didn't say [to Rooney] you will be a second-choice for me. And they are against me?
“We are trying to get a player that a manager told 'You will be a second option' for him. We are not going for [Robin] van Persie.
“They don't have to be against me. If I say Ramires is a second option for me and he plays when Lampard is tired or injured, if someone comes here to get Ramires, nobody is upset.”
Upon being asked whether Moyes is responsible for Rooney’s ongoing transfer speculation Mourinho insisted that “of course” he was to be blamed for his own doings. Mourinho believes the Old Trafford boss has had bad swing at his own foot and is now blaming others for his actions.  
Mourinho fearlessly charged against Moyes, a man who has to prove that Manchester United are capable of defending their Premier League title against challengers such as Chelsea.
“In every big team, I am not criticizing, you have first options and second options, and those second options must be very good players,” Moyes said. “Of course big teams must have second choices. Big players too. The point is if the players are happy to accept that situation.
“It means they have a fantastic squad. Fantastic. I was playing against them last year. He [Rooney] was on the bench and he [Ferguson] was playing Van Persie, [Danny] Welbeck, [Shinji] Kagawa. The squad is amazing. So it is natural that some players have to be second-choice.”
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