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Jose Mourinho hungry for success at Chelsea, Petr Cech

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Blog Photo - Jose Mourinho hungry for success at Chelsea, Petr Cech
Jose Mourinho has won a lot of support from Chelsea players after his return to Stamford Bridge following a six-year break in which he managed at Inter Milan and Real Madrid. The Old Guards, especially Petr Cech have been quite vocal about the success Jose Mourinho can bring to Chelsea and how the club is one the cusp of breaking into a new era of domination.
Petr Cech, who arrived at Chelsea just before Jose Mourinho did in 2004, played a key role in the success Chelsea achieved during the Portuguese tacticians first spell at Chelsea. Petr Cech believes the “high standards” set by Jose Mourinho will help him achieve success wherever he goes to.
“He is as hungry as ever, he wants to be successful,” Petr Cech told Sky Sports News. “When you have someone who works at such a high standard every day it never changes. It's the same.
“He doesn't do things just for nothing, he always wants to win games, no matter if it is a Premier League game or a pre-season game or Champions League game. He's always pushing the players hard to train, to concentrate, to do things in the right way.”
The self-proclaimed “Chosen One” and now the “Happy One”, has told Chelsea fans that he is one of them now, which means Jose Mourinho is expected to hold reins of Stamford Bridge for a longtime.
It will be interesting to see a manager at Chelsea manage the club beyond a season, after all the London club have changed used four managers in the past three years. Jose Mourinho will need the support of his senior players to settle down at Chelsea.
Jose Mourinho understands he has a new and young squad to manage, although there are quite a few players who have played under him before as well. Just recently Jose Mourinho praised the veterans at Chelsea and assured them that they will have a special role in the team.
Petr Cech believes Jose Mourinho has no favorites as the Portuguese boss only favor those players which record good form consistently.
“It's the same whether you are 40, 31, 45, 28 or 15,” Petr Cech said. “If you are good enough you play, if you are not good enough you don't play. I think everybody will play on merit, we have to earn our places and we are working to do so.”
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