Jose Mourinho searches remedy for “horrible” and “tired” Real Madrid

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Blog Photo - Jose Mourinho searches remedy for “horrible” and “tired” Real Madrid
Jose Mourinho will have to find a quick remedy for Real Madrid’s morale after experiencing a traumatic 1-0 defeat at the hands of relegation-threatened Granada. The Real Madrid manager admits his side came up with a “horrible” and “tired” performance against Granada, which also saw Cristiano Ronaldo provide the opponents with the winning goal.
The La Liga champions now have four days to find back their form before heading out for the Copa del Rey clash against Barcelona. Jose Mourinho understands that the provided time is insufficient for cultivating such a massive change, but his side did perform well against Barcelona during the first leg of the encounter just a couple of days ago.
Jose Mourinho explained that Real Madrid’s hectic schedule has affected the form of his players. The Portuguese explained that his men would have to make a “tremendous physical effort” in order to get past the next couple of weeks.
“There is one thing that has been clear for a long time and that is that there are teams that do not have any control over their schedules and the planning of the matches,” Jose Mourinho said. “Wednesday was an important match and tremendous physical effort for both teams but one plays today and the other tomorrow.
“But this team had to respond in a different manner. Some of the players who played today played on Wednesday and others didn't. There are some of them who were tired because [they] worked hard on Wednesday and there are others that I do not know why they were tired because they were on the bench or in the stands.”
Real Madrid’s shock defeat to Granada means Jose Mourinho’s side is now seven points away from second-placed Atletico Madrid and 16 points away from La Liga leaders Barcelona. Jose Mourinho admitted he was responsible for Real Madrid’s defeat and that Granada deserved to win the game.
Meanwhile, the new Granada manager Lucas Alcaraz, who took over the reins from Juan Antonio Anquela last week, said he had faith in his players and knew they could come up with more good results.
“I was the one who had said this week that we could win, so I was surprised less than others with the result,” Lucas Alcaraz said. “I have not made history, but it was a day of celebration for Granada.
“Maybe we did not see lots of the ball, but the attitude and solidarity of the players deserves credit. These games demand that you give almost all of your physical strength and attention, but we cannot delude our fans and their expectations [shouldn't rise].”
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