Jose Mourinho talks about his beef with Pepe and Iker Casillas

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Blog Photo - Jose Mourinho talks about his beef with Pepe and Iker Casillas
Jose Mourinho has decided to stay at Real Madrid after all. The Real Madrid manager has snubbed the opportunity to join Chelsea even before the season ended and has done so while facing a huge mutiny from his team.
Most analysts are wondering why Jose Mourinho has all of a sudden decided to play with fire, even though he had the opportunity to jump ships for a place where he would have been given a respected and loved status.
The Portuguese boss has been abandoned by his old allies Pepe and Cristiano Ronaldo after being found guilty of mediocre team selections. Real Madrid’s bench believes Jose Mourinho could have easily defeated Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League semifinal had he picked the right guys for the job.
Pepe, who has been replaced with Raphael Varane in the first-team, has concerns regarding Jose Mourinho’s strategy and team selection. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo is growing tired of Jose Mourinho’s erratic tactics. 
Real Madrid’s training ground at Valdebebas resembles somewhat of a warzone these days. A cold war is running between the Spanish and Portuguese factions of Real Madrid. Moreover, the factions are starting to get divided into further small divisions.
Presently, the most out of hand situations have been caused by center-back Pepe and club captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas. Both players have spoken against Jose Mourinho claiming they have been pushed out of the team.
“It is very easy to analyze what he says,” Jose Mourinho said in reference to Pepe’s issues. “His problem has a name - Raphael Varane. He was talking from frustration. It is not easy for a man of 29 years to be blown away by a kid of 19. But the kid is fantastic. And who had the courage to put in the kid? Me. So the problem is very simple. Pepe was an undisputed first-choice, he is not any longer.
“It is one of the few decisions of mine, that has not been discussed in public. I have no problem with [Pepe]. I understand it is not an easy situation for him. There must be very few people who think that Varane and Sergio Ramos are not the future of Real Madrid.”
Jose Mourinho also talked about his decision to bench Iker Casillas for Diego Lopez. Although, Diego Lopez has performed brilliantly for Real Madrid, many think Iker Casillas should be given another chance.
“The coach decides who plays,” Jose Mourinho continued. “I do not flip a coin to see if Marcelo or Fabio [Coentrao] plays, or if [Luka] Modric or Xabi Alonso plays. I think about it, discuss it, study things for many hours and try to make the best decision.
“For me, I like Diego Lopez more as a keeper than Iker Casillas. It is not a personal decision. I like a keeper who plays well with his feet, who dominates his area and comes for crosses. Iker makes great saves between the posts, but I prefer a different type of keeper. As long as I am Real Madrid coach, Diego Lopez will always play.”
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