Josh Freeman saga finally comes to an end

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Josh Freeman, former starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been finally released after a scandalous four weeks. Initially, the team intended to trade him off but failed to do so as they contacted every franchise they could get their hands on and didn’t even try to bargain for him. After trying other options, they finally rid of him.
His performance had been less than satisfactory since coach Greg Schiano had come a year ago. He was held responsible for the teams failing performance of 0-3 as he completed only half of his passes. But the real reason he was dismissed was what happened off the field.
There were rumors around that Schiano had been involved in preventing Freeman being elected captain and he was continually trying to rid him off by making a bogus disciplinary misconduct suit against him.
The franchise owed the player a sum of money from his contract that they were unwilling to part with. Because of that, they continually tried to make him snap and make mistakes to use in the suit.
But the real problem came when someone leaked confidential information that the quarterback was on NFL Stage One Substance Abuse program. This not only marred his image but made him an unlikely prospect for any team in the future. Freeman is suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and had mixed his prescription drug Adderall for Ridalin. He had been tested negative for drugs for over an year.
Freeman accused the team of leaking confidential information, especially the coach. Schiano denied the allegations saying he had done no such thing and the franchise was not responsible releasing any such information either.
The issue has raised a lot of questions, challenging trust between a franchise and its player. The NFLPA has been involved to investigate the matter now and players in the future might refrain from resorting to the team to help them with personal matters.
As for now, the Bucs still have to decide on the matter of pending salary that they owe to the former quarterback. Since it has been said to be the main issue of the matter, time will tell the final decision the franchise makes.
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