Josh Gordon is a good trade prospect for the 49ers

10/8/13 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThere are rumors that the San Francisco 49ers are looking to trade Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns. The trade has not been confirmed officially but if it is true, the 49ers should be willing to trade him even if it costs more than his apparent worth.
With Gordon in the team, the 49ers would benefit greatly from a wide receiver that has proven his talent on the field. He would fit like a key in a lock with the 49ers and his deep plays would solidify a much needed offense. His talent is enough to either ensure a place for them this Super Bowl or evolve into a future prospect that will lead them into many others.
The Browns are rumored to be asking a second round pick in return for Gordon. Considering his performance so far, he is worth it. Even so, the 49ers are not showing much interest in the deal and it might not happen. That is because they are set to fill the receiver gap even if they don’t trade for Gordon. Michael Crabtree will be recovering sufficiently from Achilles injury to come back in November and Mario Manningham will be off the PUP list in two weeks time.
Even if the 49ers fill their gaping wide receiver positions, they should still consider the trade seriously. Crabtree and quarterback Colin Kaepernick have good coordination so they will alleviate some pressure but Crabtree still won’t be able to cover the entire field. Manningham can stretch the field better than Crabtree but he will still be just off his knee injury so his performance may vary. This all makes Gordon an excellent choice to step in at the exact right time.
Gordon has 303 receiving yards and 18 receptions despite sitting out the first two games of the season due to a ban by NFL for violating substance abuse policy. The 6'3", 225-pound wide receiver has shown both skill and teamwork. He is maturing with the Browns and honing his talent. The Browns got him from the second round during the 2012 supplemental draft pick.
When it comes to reliability and pressurizing the opposing team, Gordon has proven himself to have a gift for it. He has been consistent in his performance and his deep plays have been very successful. In his career so far, he has a total of seven touchdowns that are over 43 yards alone.
But the deal does come with its share of hazards, as he has previous marijuana problems and has violated the policy this year, resulting in a 2 game suspension. Another violation will result in a one year ban. All this in consideration, it is easy to spot that Gordon has the potential to evolve into a future prospect for the 49ers and is worth the trade even if the franchise wants nothing to do with him this season.
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