Josh Hamiton booed, teased in Texas homecoming loss

VIDEO: Rangers fans' hilarious memes maim Josh Hamilton's horrible homecoming

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Blog Photo - Josh Hamiton booed, teased in Texas homecoming lossFormer Texas Rangers right fielder Josh Hamilton struck out in his first Rangers Ballpark at-bat in an L.A. Angels uniform Friday afternoon, and Texas fans rose to the occasion with some inspired and obviously planned mockery. Unless you're an Angels fan, you'll get a good laugh at the clever signage and prop humor that Rangers fans had in store for Hamilton's homecoming.  The video clip below shows that those Rangers fans were well rewarded for the quality humor shown in their grudge-carrying, as Hamilton strikes out on four pitches.

Rangers fans' ridicule was kept within the range of good taste -- there was no mockery of Hamilton's personal life. The ridicule is all inspired by Hamilton's comments earlier in Spring Training, when the former Ranger told Los Angeles reporters that "Texas, especially Dallas, has always been a football town."

This context gives the video of Rangers fans booing Josh Hamilton in his first visiting at-bat deeper and more  hilarious meaning. NOTE: won't let me embed that video on this page. To watch:
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Blog Photo - Josh Hamiton booed, teased in Texas homecoming lossRangers fans were ready with sharp signage and barbs when Hamilton approached the plate in the second inning with the game scoreless. A whole section of fans busted out newspapers and conspicuously read the paper instead of watching Hamilton's at-bat, presumably to reference their municipaity's supposed lack of interest in baseball.

And when Hamilton went down swinging, the newspapers were reversed -- to reveal the blaring message "Baseball Town".

Things in general gave not gone well for the Josh Hamilton Los Angeles/of Anaheim era thus far. He is currently hitting .063 for the season, and has 1 hit in 16 at-bats.
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where did that person get that uniform, that's what i'm wondering...