Josh Smith Excited About Playing for the Detroit Pistons

Josh Smith excited about playing for the Pistons

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Blog Photo - Josh Smith Excited About Playing for the Detroit Pistons
Atlanta has been the only city Josh Smith has ever known during his NBA career.  Smith was on the fast track to becoming like Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Dirk Nowitzki, as players who have played on the same team their entire careers. But unlike Bryant, Duncan, and Nowitzki, Smith remained in Atlanta reluctantly. The Hawks ownership always knew the value of Smith and didn’t want to part with him for nothing, however, when his contract was finally up and the market demanded more of Smith than they were willing to pay, the Hawks finally parted ways with him.
And Smith is grateful that they did.
Once hostage, now freeman, Smith feels rejuvenated to be playing for the Detroit Pistons, a town that is going through their own difficulties and trials.
“I feel great about my choice,” Smith said. Our team, our roster, is very impressive to me. We have a lot of hard workers who’ve been in here, getting it in, getting to know each other. I’m real excited. We have rookies that are sponges. They just want to get better. We have young fellas that play hard and everybody wants to get better and everybody wants to do it together. Whenever you are able to be a part of something like that, it’s special. I’m just excited, man. I’m happy. I cherish moments. Whenever you go through situations where it might be a little rough sometimes and you come to a new beginning and it’s clear – everything is clear, you know what they want out of you, you know what they expect out of you – you just want to give your all. When you have people that have faith in you and confidence in you, you don’t want them to be proven wrong. That’s how I feel. I come in every day to work hard and I can’t wait until the season starts so I can show these guys how appreciative I am of them for showing interest in me in free agency.”
With the additions of Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings, the Detroit Pistons now feature three left-handed shooters. Generally speaking, left-handed players cause trouble for opposing defenders, since their strong side is taking it to the rim on the left side of the court. Basically, left-handers do everything right-handers do, but reversed. And with the addition of a rejuvenated Josh Smith, the Pistons are going to bring much joy to a city that could use some positive news, instead of negative.
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