Josh Smith Still a Hawk

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Blog Photo - Josh Smith Still a Hawk
The clamor surrounding the NBA trade deadline this year proved to be quite anti-climactic.  The 2013 trade deadline featured one name this year:  Josh Smith.  However, the leading scorer for the Atlanta Hawks didn’t end up going anywhere, making this year the first time an All Star was never traded. 
It was believed by almost every GM in the league, that the Hawks were going to part ways with their left handed forward.  But because Danny Ferry was dangling Smith to every single team in the league, he only ended up getting fifty cents to the dollar. 
So, instead of getting ripped off by every trade proposal, Ferry decided on rolling the dice with Smith for the remainder of the season and will now wait to see how much the market appraises him for. 
In Ferry’s eyes, he’d rather gamble with his own chips than gamble with the chips of another team.  Whether, Smith decides to return to Atlanta is highly speculative, especially since Smith is seeking the max and the Hawks are unwilling to pay him that; the very reason why they were trying to trade him in the first place. 
If Smith decides to sign with another team in the off season, the Hawks essentially lost Smith for nothing.  However, the Hawks will have tons of money freed up if that is the case.  And it seems as though the Hawks are willing to wait patiently this year, instead of making a hasty move. 
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