Joshua Clottey Defeats Zab Judah In The 9th Round

There Was A Boxing Match Last Night?

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, boxing seems nearly dead at this point in time. And the best indication of that came last night, when Zab Judah and Joshua Clottey faced off for the vacant welterweight IBF belt in a title fight that pretty much no one was excited for since neither guy is undeafeted.

The belt had been vacated by Antonio Margarito so he could fight undefeated Miguel Cotto last week. Margarito wound up defeating Cotto, so his risk paid off.

But the point is that if a fighter of Margarito's stature didn't even care if he had to give up the IBF belt, why should anyone care who was fighting for it?

The other problem was that while Clottey defeated Judah last night, the fight was a complete mess. Judah apparently got an accidental headbutt that wound up blurring his vision and forced the fight to go to the cards in the ninth round, which Clottey barely won.

That's about the worst possible way for a fight to end.

The truth is that someone worthy needs to get Floyd Mayweather Jr. out of retirement. The hope was that Cotto could do that is he had beaten Margarito, but he didn't do that. So now, there aren't any dream matchups available that could get Mayweather out of retirement and reenergize boxing.

Also bad is that we could have at least gotten a decent IBF title fight again in November between Clottey and Margarito, but Clottey, even though he won last night, tore his bicep muscle in the fifth round and may not heal in time for that showdown. Which would mean Margarito would fight Judah instead. So, in other words, you'd have another fight no one would care about.

But here's the worst thing. Normally after title fights, it's pretty easy to get YouTube clips of the fight. For this fight, there aren't even any clips up of it, which is why all I have is a picture.

Needless to say, boxing is in serious, serious trouble.
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Before the Judah/Clottey match, both Margarito and HBO boxing analyst Max Kellermann did there best to goad Mayweather into coming out of retirement.  Margarito first issued an open challenge to Oscar de la Hoya and then told everyone that Mayweather wanted no part of him while he was active, so he knew Mayweather wanted no part of him now.  Kellermann let loose a verbal barrage where he told Mayweather that everyone thought he had ducked the better fighters in the welterweight division and if he retired so he wouldnt have to fight them, then his legacy is tarnished and he needs to come out of retirement and defend it.  He then said that if he retired because he didnt want to box anymore, then he needs to stay retired because a fighter that only has one foot in the ring stood no chance for Margarito after watching him destroy Cotto.

As for who deserves the shot at Margarito, Paul Williams lays the best claim to that because he already has beated Margarito