Juan Mata urges Chelsea to grab top-four finish

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Blog Photo - Juan Mata urges Chelsea to grab top-four finish
Juan Mata insists Chelsea will be able to grab a top-four position in the Premier League this season. The in-form midfielder claims Chelsea has learnt from mistakes it made last season when they made a shocking exit from the top four positions on the Premier League table in the last couple of games in the season.
The 24-year-old Spain international wants Chelsea to re-enter the Champions League as a strong contender despite their turbulent campaign this season. Chelsea miraculous won the Champions League, thus confirmed their spot in the tournament next season although they finished out of the top four on the table.
Chelsea are fighting for Europa League glory and defending the FA Cup title whilst campaigning for Champions League action this season. In an interview with the Guardian, Juan Mata insists Chelsea must focus on a top four spot in order to move towards a successful future.
“If we can finish in the top four, after ending sixth last year, that would mean we have more consistency and is a step forward,” Juan Mata said. “We've learned from what happened last year and won't make the same mistakes again. We know we have to be playing in next season's Champions League.
“But if we can win, say, the Europa League, it would have been another great season for the club. They have never won that trophy before. Neither have I and there are so many things I still want to win: the Premier League is one. We are a present and a future team. We have so many players who have been here a long time and have won a lot of trophies, but we have a good mix in the dressing room with young players who have come in, like me last season, or Oscar this. This club, and this team, has a bright future and, next season, one of the most important aims will be to win the title again. I want to do that here.
Juan Mata, who moved to Chelsea to Valencia for £23.5 million, also announced that he was in no mood for an away move. The Spaniard shunned rumors suggesting turbulent times at Chelsea could see him move out of Stamford Bridge.
“I look back on these two years happily,” Juan Mata said. “I know I said the first 12 months I had here were the best of my career but, since then, I have won the European Championship with Spain so it's not been too bad. Everything has gone right so far: trophies, my life here in London, growing as a person. But this is only the start.”
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