Jumping to Conclusions Part Deux

11/16/06 in NBA   |   outstanding   |   respect

Gearhead astutely pointed out that John Hollinger succombed to a slow news day and single out this year's draft class as the worst in a while.

Apparently, Randy Hill, "Special to Fox Sports" decided to join him 37 minutes ago. "Special" might be used here in the negative way I have heard a lot recently. What is Hill doing, piling on with statements like:

"The wistful nature of this review is made even more profound by the knowledge that — but for the grace of NBA commissioner David Stern — the league might be swimming in extremely young first-year talent."

Hill points out that 9 percent of the year is gone. HEEELLLLOOO (in the tone of Mike Myers receiving an oversized cappocino in "So I Married an Axe Murderer)-- that is only 8 games per team!

What annoys me about what Hill goes on to write is that he is now siding against the age restriction in the NBA. After years of every NBA writer deriding the NBA players for their immaturiy, lack of polish due to younger players entering the league, etc., I am disappointed by a piece using EIGHT GAMES to call for a repeal of the NBA age limit.

This is assanine, irresponsible coverage of the NBA. I'm no Stern apologist, but the age limit for the NBA makes sense. For every LeBron, there are many more Napoleon "I can't even google him and find his last name anymore" unsuccessful NBA wannabes. The positives far outwigh the negatives to the NBA age limit, and even if they didn't, eight games is not proof of anything.

Randy Hill, you should be ashamed of yourself. You're writing like an underage amateur. Perhaps we should send you to the developmental league. And you receive one grade lower for piling on after Hollinger already wrote his piece.

Grade: F

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