Junior Seauís death continues to bring grief and controversy

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The world always grieves the loss of good people, but when the sudden death San Diego Chargers highly celebrated linebacker Junior Seau broke the news, every sports fan was gripped by a chilling shock.
According to the official report, Junior Seau was discovered dead in his Oceanside, California residence. Reports of shooting inside have also surfaced. Numerous law enforcement agencies are looking into the shooting incident and the circumstances that lead to it.
The untimely death of the legend has been met by great grief. Junior Seau left behind three children and an ex-wife. Junior Seau’s death came to light after San Diego Charges issued a statement.
“Everyone at the Chargers is in complete shock and disbelief right now. We ask everyone to stop what they're doing and send their prayers to Junior and his family.”
Junior Seau is not only remembered as a great sports celebrity but also as a great humanitarian. People remember him for opening his restaurant doors to all victims of wildfires at San Diego.
Junior Seau was the San Diego community’s crown, their idol and esteemed athlete. Junior Seau aroused sentiments in the hearts of San Diego residents with his kind personality. His loss will weigh down heavily on the hearts of his fans; who not only found the legend charismatic but considered him an inspiration on and off the field.
After gaining knowledge of Junior Seau’s death, the Mayor of Oceanside, Jim Wood made a very sincere and concise statement, remembering the fine traits of their champion:
“He was a local hero ---- he certainly gave back to the community and to the youth through his Junior Seau Foundation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.”
Junior Seau was a San Diego born and bred. In simple words, he loved his community and the community loved him back. Junior Seau attended high school at Oceanside and later enrolled in USC where he excelled remarkably.
Junior Seau reached the heights of success when his local NFL team, San Diego Chargers picked him fifth overall in the NFL draft. Junior Seau quickly adjusted into a team that was gaining form by each passing day. Junior Seau geared up San Diego Chargers’ defenses with his raw power and instinctual tackling abilities.
Junior Seau’s success earned him 12 Pro Bowl and 10 All-Pro nominations. Junior Seau also acquired two AFC titles and with such great accomplishments he retired with 1,849 tackles, 56.5 sacks and 18 interceptions. The last team Junior Seau played for was the New England Patriots.
 His death generated a lot of rumors. The North County Times came out as one of the first media stream announcing Junior Seau had committed suicide.
The 43-year-old linebacker, Junior Seau did have a few personal problems. Back in October 2010, media reported that he tried to commit suicide by driving his vehicle off a cliff. Junior Seau struck back with a reply stating that he had fallen asleep while driving. The incident was overshadowed because only hours earlier; Seau had reportedly attacked his girlfriend.
Junior Seau developed the identity of a role model for young linebackers, who dream to make it big like him. Hence this terrible loss will not go easy on the hearts of NFL fans that will always look to fill the void left by Junior Seau’s untimely death.
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