Juniors Night

5/23/09 in NASCAR   |   Diablorain   |   4425 respect

i hope tomorrow night is Juniors Night!!!!
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5/25/09   |   OhioSportsFan

if they get the race in this week lol...its supposed to rain every day there i guess?

OH NO !!!!!!! They just have to race !!!!!!! What else am I going to do today, if I can't watch the race?

5/25/09   |   OhioSportsFan

I must agree with you. I think he is working hard and it will be a big day for him!!!!

5/24/09   |   cuddles127017   |   8133 respect

Would be nice to see Jr. win another one and at his home track.  Did anybody else watch the movie that came on ESPN after the race?  It was the first time i had saw it.  The moive was about Dale Sr.  I didnt catch the name of it.