Just Win Baby lives for the Raiders, Oakland defeats Houston in a 25-20 thriller

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The Oakland Raiders gave an emotional good bye to their owner Al Davis just a day after he died. It seemed like a perfect farewell after the Raiders defeated Houston Texans in Week 5 of NFL action in front of Al Davis’ son, Mark Davis.

Quarterback Jason Campbell and his two touchdown passes played an important role in taking up the score to 25-20 for the Raiders. The scoreboard remained the same till the final whistle, hence taking the Raiders to their 3rd victory of the season.

More creativity was expected from Matt Schaub but the Texans’ quarterback, who had 3 touchdowns for 450 yards till Week 4, failed to spot the right places on the field. As a matter of fact Schaub’s usual finesse passing was hit by bad form, the pinnacle of which was shown in the final play of the match.

As Schaub threw the ball into the end zone for a last minute win, Michael Huff cleverly intercepted his pass to ensure a victory for the Raiders. Nonetheless, Schaub tried hard to bring the Texans back into the match. Schaub threw for 416 yards and 2 touchdowns, however he missed Texans star receiver Andre Johnson, who had been benched because of a right hamstring injury.

Raiders head coach, Hue Jackson broke down emotionally when the referee blew the final whistle. Jackson dropped to his knees, covered his face and started crying by the sidelines. Later he gathered himself up to celebrate a bittersweet victory with his men. Many analysts have suggested that after Davis’ demise, Jackson will come out as the new face of the Raiders.

Jackson was promoted from the offensive coordinator to the head coach this season. Over time, the former offensive coordinator for Washington Redskins has proven himself to be a loyal Raider, which is also why he is expected to run the reins for a long time.

Raiders Sebastian Janikowski kicked four field goals, playing a key role towards an enthralling finish. Now Raiders and Texans both stand at 3-2. Before the game began, there was a moment of silence for Davis who died at the age of 82 in his Oakland home. To commemorate the day for Davis, the Raiders wore black decals on the backs of their helmets with letters “AL” written in silver ink.

Now Raiders are scheduled to play against the Cleveland Browns at the Coliseum next Sunday while the Texans play away at the M&T Stadium against the Baltimore Ravens

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