Just the Facts Ma'am

8/22/06 in NFL   |   Matt   |   6 respect

In anticipation of the upcoming season, while Peter King provides you his weekly list of 10 thoughts, I present you 10 NFL facts (in no particular order).

1. The Steelers will not repeat as NFL Champions
Bill Cowher is on the defensive, Randle El is no longer, and there are 31 other hungry teams. Ben Roethlisberger is no Elway or Brady and he will not lead the Steelers to the Super Bowl again.

2. The NFC East is wide open
Its hard to predict the recent 4 time NFC Championship game contenders as the last place finisher, but I have to because of the Talent on the other teams. No other division has four Quarterbacks like Eli Manning, Drew Bledsoe, Mark Brunell, and Donovan McNabb. It should be very interesting.

3. Domanick Davis will have his greatest year
Your team passes up on Reggie Bush because they already have you. Wait what? You think I am better than Reggie Bush? Sweet....Okay I will rush for 1500 yards and 10 Touchdowns because I am very, very confident.

4. Brett Favre's Swan Song will be sweeter than we think
I am confident that the Bears will win the NFC North, but I am not making it one of the facts for a reason. The last time the Bears were this dominant in a season, no one knew what happened in the next one. This could be a possible repeat. Look for a better record in Green Bay from last year and a possible playoff berth. Would Brett Favre settle for anything less?

5. The Patriots are not safe
What would happen, lets say, if a standout Wide Receiver who is already under contract and wants more money decides he is going to miss training camp and workout on his own until the team pays him? And lets say the team forces the player to start playing and practicing with the team? What then would happen if the player got on the bad side of his teammates and created turmoil in the locker room?

This sounds awfully familiar...Might it happen again? The Patriots better hope it doesn't because Brady and Dillon are not enough to carry this team to its Super Bowl aspirations, let alone the Playoffs. Hopefully Reche Caldwell got a prescription for his "Fumblitis."

However, I do like to see Rodney Harrison and Junior Seau back together. It should be fun to see how they perform this year.

6. Its Panic Time in Indianapolis
So they didn't make it to 4 straight AFC Championship games, but they may have well. Just like the window closed on the Eagles, the same may be happening to the Colts. They just don't have the "Edge" they used to. They do have a 1000 yard rusher on their team, but they will not this year. Look for the Jaguars to seriously contend with the Colts for the AFC South this year.

7. Reggie Bush will not establish himself as the "Go To" Back this year
Lets face it. The Saints are not going to give up on Deuce McAllister, he is a great running back. I may be eating my words on this one, but only if Deuce gets hurt.

8. The Bay Area is in for a very tough year
The 49ers and the Raiders will both finish last in their divisions and probably in their conferences. San Francisco and Oakland both need a better offensive line before they can go anywhere.

9. In the AFC, the West is Best
Followed closely by the AFC North. Both divisions have 3 serious playoff contenders, in the North however, I don't know if the third team is the Browns or the Ravens. It is clear cut in the AFC West, with Denver, Kansas City, and San Diego. These three teams all have serious Playoff chances.

10. Super Bowl XLI - Panthers vs. Bengals
I know it is way too early to predict the Super Bowl teams, but I am doing it anyways. Injuries may play a big role in this being wrong, but hopefully Carson Palmer and Steve Smith can pull through and lead their teams to the Glory Land.

Now, we just wait and see...
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