Justin Bieber disrupt NHLPA meeting

Shrieking Justin Bieber fans are disrupting the NHL annual meetings

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Blog Photo - Justin Bieber disrupt NHLPA meetingDeplorable teen pop star Justin Bieber is actively preventing the National Hockey League from implementing mandatory visor rules and transitioning to hybrid ice in NHL rinks. While the little Canadian crooner does not have a stated opinion on these matters in the NHL rule book, the NHL and the NHLPA are currently holding the annual NHL Competition Committee meeting at the Peninsula Chicago Hotel. Justin Bieber is rumored to be staying there, and oodles of squealing teenage girls are making it impossible for the Competition Committee to discuss its business.

It is not known for sure whether Bieber is actually staying at the Peninsula Chicago. But don't tell that to the hundreds of Beliebers standing outside and screaming at the top of their lungs. At this point, they've more been standing there for more than 24 hours.

We know that this is posing a problem for the NHL Competition Committee meetings, because Minnesota Wild forward Zenon Konopka tweeted, "@justinbieber I'm a fan of you being Canadian &even ur music but ur killing our NHLPA meetings with ur fan club screaming outside the hotel". (Konopka has since deleted the tweet, probably realizing that he had accidentally admitted to being a fan of Justin Bieber's music).

Blog Photo - Justin Bieber disrupt NHLPA meetingCook County Commissioner John Fritchey tweeted a photo of the Beliebers who are making it impossible for the NHL meetings to proceed (seen at right). That picture was taken 24 hours ago, and the Bieber fans are still there. Mr. Bieber plays the United Center in Chicago this evening.

Zenon Konopka does not hold an official leadership position in the NHLPA, but players association members are allowed to attend such meetings.

Justin Bieber does indeed follow the NHL, and is said to be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan though the little twerp has been spotted in a Chicago Blackhawks cap as well.

Of course, the Blackhawks just won the Stanley Cup, and Bieber's show in Chicago is sold out. Well played, little twerp, well played.
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How about annoying, arrogant, pretty-boy, annoyuing, history, last year, teeny-bopper, annoying.....

Oh, and have i mentioned annoying??