Justin Tuck criticizes Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s defensive play

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Two days later, and the New York Giants are still fuming over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense’s piled pressure on the Big Blues by rushing them back and knocking down Eli Manning on the final snap as he took the kneel-down victory formation.
While New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin gave Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano a piece of his mind following the Giants’ 41-34 win Sunday, other players have also looked upon the play as classless and dirty, creating a new go-to hot debate across the league.
New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck too condemned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ breaking of the unwritten NFL rule, claiming he would never follow a coach’s command to rush at rivals knees when he’s in victory formation kneel down.
“That is how you get guys hurt. I have been in this league for eight years and that is the first time that I've ever seen that,” contested Justin Tuck. “There have been guys that's been in here a lot longer than I have and that is the first time they have seen it."
"And that is not me being biased because it is my teammates," continued Justin Tuck. "If (New York Giants defensive coordinator) Perry Fewell told me to dive at a guy's knee, when we were losing, I would say no.”
Justin Tuck also challenged Greg Schiano’s understanding that the play can be executed at this level in NFL. The former Rutgers coach Greg Schiano had cited that the tapes of the college team’s games where the same thing has been done.
"I am not playing college football so I don't watch Rutgers tape,” responded Justin Tuck. “I am sure none of us watch Rutgers tape."
Greg Schiano also asserted that his team played “clean, hard football” to ensure they put in every effort to win the game.
"I'll say this: We kneeled down in the first half, and they didn't fire off," explained Justin Tuck. "They let us score (at the end to get the ball back with time left).”
New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning also called the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ final play "little bit of a cheap shot" after the rival defense underneath the offensive linemen to get the ball.  Eli Manning emphasized that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ play was an obvious “way to get someone hurt.”
"So how do you play for 60 minutes and you are letting guys score?" added Justin Tuck “"I am trying to be politically (correct)…It is a little lack of class to me but ... I am one person with an opinion."
However, Justin Tuck acknowledged that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers most probably won’t land in hot waters with the league since it wasn’t listed as an “illegal” play the NFL rule book.  Justin Tuck declared that all gates of hell would break lose if everyone started playing as irresponsibly as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
 "And it is not going to be an issue until somebody blows their knee out or you get some prime guy hurt on national TV,” foretold Justin Tuck. “Like I said, it is not illegal; no, not at all. But I don't agree with it."
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