#Kaepernicking puckers up as a meme-worthyTwitter trend

Bicep-kissing Kaepernick inspires a lippy new Twitter hashtag

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Blog Photo - #Kaepernicking puckers up as a meme-worthyTwitter trendIf you need a break from the expressions of grief and the handgun policy rants all over Twitter today, a certain kiss-worthy hashtag is sure to bring a smile to your lips. That hashtag is called #Kaepernicking, and has San Francisco 49ers fans kissing their own biceps for smartphone cameras across Northern California.

The hashtag #Kaepernicking is defined by the original photo meme to the left as when you "Score a touchdown. Kiss your tattoo." But 49ers fans with no tattoos and no career NFL touchdowns still can't wait to lay a wet one on their own arm in homage to Kaepernick.

It all started in Sunday's 27-13 49ers victory over the Dolphins, when Kaepernick iced the game with a 50-yard scramble for a touchdown. After scoring, Kaepernick celebrated by laying a kiss on his famously tattooed bicep.

The cut-upBlog Photo - #Kaepernicking puckers up as a meme-worthyTwitter trends over at NFL Memes quickly cranked out that #Kaepernicking photo above, a parody of the #Tebowing meme of last year. The kissing got really intense when Kaepernick retweeted that photo, and a meme was born. Now Kaepernick will personally retweet pretty much every single #Kaepernicking photo submitted.

Some of them are insanely clever and adorable. We've got dogs Kaepernicking, babies Kaepernicking, and teddy bears Kaepernicking. As you can imagine, several hot chicks can also be seen Kaepernicking for the camera.

Oh, to be one of those ladies' upper arms.

As Twitter user disovered, Kaepernicking is nearly impossible with a 49ers helmet on. The facemask prevents you from actually kissing your own bicep.

Some Twitter smart alecks have responded with a version of the hashtag that honors 49ers now-backup quarterback Alex Smith. It's called #Smithing, and it's not particularly flattering.

If you could still use some more Friday giggles today, be sure to check out this week's TGI Friday Meme Time piece.
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hahaha @ "Smithing" meme. Thanks for the laugh.