Kansas Football: Charlie Weis 'tried to discourage' Kale Pick

Charlie Weis 'tried to discourage' Kale Pick from coaching

5/6/13 in NCAAF   |   Tyler_Waddell   |   426 respect

Charlie Weis is making headlines for saying something controversial again, and this time it comes by his personal Twitter account (CoachWeisKansas).Blog Photo - Kansas Football: Charlie Weis tried to 'discourage' Kale Pick

Kale Pick, who led Kansas with 26 receptions for 390 yards last season, apparently approached Weis for a coaching position as a graduate assistant.

Just hired Kale Pick as a GA working with Coach Ianello and the WR's,” said Weis. “He wants to be a coach. I tried to discourage him, but he wants in.”

I understand that Kansas isn’t the ideal place to coach—the area isn’t exactly attractive to recruits, not to mention the Jayhawks’ 11-37 record over the last four years.

But if that’s the only downfall to entering the coaching profession at this point for Pick, why attempt to discourage him?

If Pick’s dream is to coach college football—it even says so in is KU bio—then why try to veer him away? Coming off his senior season with the team is his easiest “in” to get his feet wet, and it’d be much more difficult finding a position anywhere else.

It makes absolutely no sense to try and discourage someone from pursuing a careerpath that has been glamorous for many, but then again, Weis isn’t exactly a great motivator.

This is the same guy that gave up on his team just five weeks into the regular season when he held his seniors out of a Sunday practice to develop his underclassmen.

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5/20/13   |   nicholasrun

It seems obvious that Coach Weis was kidding about being a coach.  Have you ever been to Lawrence?  What makes you think that Lawrence is unappealing for recruits?  The team's record is what's unappealing, not the area - if Lawrence was that bad the basketball team at KU wouldn't be nearly as good and pull top recruits.  A classic case of someone taking a line out of context and trying to capitalize on it with non-facts. 

5/16/13   |   Tyler_Waddell   |   426 respect

Even if he was, that's a pretty dumb thing to be kidding about, especially when you're tweeting it for thousands to see.

5/16/13   |   jenrobi

Uh, maybe Coach Weis was kidding.