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No college hoops tonight in the Div. I conferences. We're going to have to rely on the big boys to keep the soft roll from last night going.



THE NBA (0-3 last night and 15-19 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (2-1 last night and 17-16 so far for the week)

Pacers, WIZARDS, Rockets, CELTICS, HEAT, Clippers, Mavs, Pistons, SPURS, JAZZ, Hawks and NUGGETS



TOTALS (2-1 last night and 18-16 so far for the week)

OVERS - Knicks/WIZARDS (194 1/2), Rockets/MAGIC (213 1/2), Warriors/CELTICS (199), Grizzlies/HEAT (186), Mavs/NETS (196), Pistons/HORNETS (192 1/2), Kings/SPURS (212 1/2) and Thunder/NUGGETS (220)

UNDERS - Pacers/RAPTORS (186), Clippers/CAVS (200), Bobcats/JAZZ (195) and Hawks/SUNS (195)



BUTTA (1-0 last night and 1-5 so far for the week)

1. PARLAY: Rockets (-420) over MAGIC and Clippers (-335) over CAVS - The Magic are a bad basketball team, but the Rocks are not the kind of team I want to lay (-8 1/2) with, especially when they're on the road. The Cavs got away with one in Chicago their last time out without Irving. He'll expected to miss again tonight, but the Cavs won't be so lucky in this spot against a rolling Clips squad. And by pairing the Clips with the Rocks, I don't need to lay the (-6 1/2) on L.A. to get a (-163) payout. Rockets 119, MAGIC 100 and Clippers 104, CAVS 91

2. Hawks (-175) over SUNS - Talk about getting away with one. The Suns were first up for the Spurs in their return from the Rodeo Trip, and as often happens, the home team got bit in that first game back. The Suns won't be so lucky tonight. They're not that good, but the Hawks are the Hawks, and as such, I don't want to lay spreads with them on the road; not even the relatively short (-4) that's hung right now. Hawks 104, SUNS 86




1. Pacers (-2) over RAPTORS - I wanted to lay this game, but the trending data isn't backing things up. Pacers 89, RAPTORS 78

2. WIZARDS (+3) vs. Knicks - In a complete reverse of the Pacers/RAPTORS matchup, all the trending data backs the Knicks here, but the projection doesn't back that up. WIZARDS 104, Knicks 98

3. CELTICS (-4) over Warriors - The Celts are back home for the 1st time after a long western swing. Ask the Spurs how that works. CELTICS 109, Warriors 96

4. Grizzlies (+8) at HEAT - This looks like the best game of the night. I can't follow my numbers and move on the game though, because the Heat often respond strongly at home against teams they consider a threat. HEAT 99, Grizzlies 96

5. Mavs (+3 1/2) at NETS - These 2 teams, if not going backwards right now, are stuck in the mud. I can't see value with this number on either side. Mavs 105, NETS 102

6. Pistons (+3 1/2) at HORNETS - I think the Pistons look like a team the Stingers can ambush. My numbers don't back that feeling up though. Pistons 101, HORNETS 100

7. Kings (+15) at SPURS - The Kings are in the worst possible spot. They "get" to go to San Antonio to face the Spurs off a home loss. What a deal! It's a lot of points though. Maybe Sac gets in the back door? SPURS 113, Kings 104

8. JAZZ (-9 1/2) over Bobcats - I was going to put the Jazz with the Rocks tonight, but with Al Jefferson expected to miss this game, and Millsap, Foye and Carroll banged up and "questionable" as well, this is an awful lot of points to be laying. JAZZ 101, Bobcats 81

9. NUGGETS (+1) at THUNDER - If there's a team out there to challenge the Nugs strong home court, it would be the Thunder. This should be a very entertaining and high flying game, and the numbers say the Nuggets get there. Be careful though. Gallinari is showing up on the Nugs injury report for this game. NUGGETS 118, Thunder 111



I haven't ended my February yet. That won't happen till after tomorrow's action, but we've turned the page on the good ol' Hooter's calendar today and how clever. All 11 of the girls for March on decked out in green bikinis in honor of St. Patty's Day. Good for you Hooter's!



Have a great night. Be careful out there, and I'll talk to you tomorrow when we'll have another big schedule to work with.

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