Kellen Winslow set to help Seattle Seahawks with their tight end misery

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Blog Photo - Kellen Winslow set to help Seattle Seahawks with their tight end misery
I’ve said this before and I will say it again… with Kellen Winslow comes versatility every team hopes of having. Any team that signs in the veteran tight end will know that is true. Kellen Winslow, who has signed in for the Seattle Seahawks, is ready to prove versatility to his new franchise.
 Kellen Winslow is excited to make an impact with the Seattle Seahawks this season. Kellen Winslow understands that the Seattle Seahawks were utterly uninspiring when it came to production from their tight ends last season. Nonetheless, Kellen Winslow has set out to change that this season.
“I fit in with this offense real well,” Kellen Winslow said in a news conference on Thursday. “Zach (Miller) and I will be -- it'll be a lot of mismatches that they'll have to cover and we've got some talent here, so I'm excited.”
Kellen Winslow, who had grown out of favor in the eyes of Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ new coach Greg Schiano, has been acquired by the Seattle Seahawks in a trade for a conditional pick in next year’s drafts.
“Whenever a new regime comes in, it's a little tough because everybody has a clean slate,” Kellen Winslow continued. “I just wasn't part of their vision and I'm here and I'm happy.”
Interestingly, Kellen Winslow had been tied with a trade way before Monday. Kellen Winslow informed that he had spoken with Greg Schiano regarding his role with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the new season. Kellen Winslow said that Greg Schiano didn’t want him to attend the offseason workouts as he wanted to trade him off.
“They didn't want me to come in Monday and they were looking to trade me,” Kellen Winslow said.
It didn’t take long for the deal to shape into an official contract. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were keen on losing Kellen Winslow and the Seattle Seahawks, who had kicked free agent tight ends Jacob Tamme and Visanthe Shiancoe, were eager to bring him in.
“We think it's just a fantastic addition because he can make things happen, he can make plays,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “Should be a big factor on third down, in the red zone and we'll see how we fit him in.
“We're really fired up to have him in here. We like guys with special dimensions and he's got them. He's a real route-runner and a great, great catcher and he does stuff with the ball after he catches it, too.”
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