Kendra Wilkinson Gives Interview About Hank Baskett

Hank Baskett May Regret Getting Married To Kendra Wilkinson

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For reasons that are still completely unknown, former Playboy Playmate and Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson is getting married to relatively anonymous NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett. But while their engagement to be married may be a mystery, Wilkinson's utter lack of intelligence is not. I think even Evander Holyfield has more brain cells than her right now. 

Naturally, since Kendra's a star (of sorts), she got interviewed about her relationship with Hank. And let's just say that Kendra is clearly on her way to becoming Jessica Simpson Lite.

Yesterday she appeared on Fox's "Best Damn Sports Show's" podcast, and here were some of the awesome tidbits she dropped:

• Reveals that at a recent Eagles Christmas party she asked the Eagles owner, Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb to throw more passes to Hank and asked them to sign him for another year.
• She wonders why Kevin Curtis gets more balls thrown his way than Hank, going so far as to say that anytime Kevin touches the ball, nothing happens. But when Hank touches the ball, things happen.
• She has suggested end zone celebrations to Hank, one of which was to have Hank re-enact their engagement in the end zone by getting down on one knee and "proposing" to the ball.
• Says that Hank "blows her kisses" after every catch.

Best of all, she compares Hank's playing style to Plaxico Burress. Fantastic work, Kendra.

Something tells me Baskett may get ribbed a bit in the locker room for all of this. Just a hunch.

Anyway, feel free to listen to the podcast if you want, but I warn you, it will make you stupider.

Kendra Wilkinson interview
[FOX SPORTS] via [Deadspin]
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12/17/08   |   kiddey68

Regret has two sides to it...............get with it or just forget about.............
I reckon YOU JUST LIVE THE DREAM enjoy every mini bini pini sec in life though regrets are in between as long as it was worth it

12/17/08   |   Chicago   |   38 respect

Did I miss something.....are folks on this board actually interested in Kendra's intelligence/insight/relationship savvy/football knowledge??

Think we might all be missing the point.....

12/16/08   |   kiddey68

Keeter wrote:
Hey, Kendra is entitled to ask those questions of Andy Reid.     After all, she's a bit of an expert on balls being thrown her way................         

12/16/08   |   gobigblue1960   |   4803 respect

My wife and i have watched "The Girls Next Door" every season, and Kendra's mentality/IQ/stupidity were clear in Season One, Episode 1. Hef just kept poppin' the little blue pill...and..Kendra...

12/16/08   |   CalBoomer   |   43 respect

They probably used some of her brains to augment her teats.

12/16/08   |   Keeter   |   92 respect

Hey, Kendra is entitled to ask those questions of Andy Reid.     After all, she's a bit of an expert on balls being thrown her way................         

12/16/08   |   dallas_fan

She's Shawne Merriman's sloppy seconds. I guess a hobbled star equals a healthy scrub.

Be careful, that might get you suspended from FanIQ for 6 days...

12/16/08   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

Boski93 wrote:

Hey Wide Receivers have to stick together.

...,It'd be a fist up but they don't have those!

12/16/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Hey Wide Receivers have to stick together.

12/16/08   |   jprivett

I guess it is a good thing for me that I have never heard her speak...

12/16/08   |   raptrbreth   |   19 respect

I'm sure that any of the people that have "dated" her did it for the conversation.

12/16/08   |   chicachericola   |   2 respect

This is almost as bad as having your Mom go talk to the coach. She can't have too many brain cells if she thinks that was a great idea. You don't meddle into your significant others business life, no matter what profession it is. It's tacky and makes you look like you're as whipped as the family pig.

12/16/08   |   primo   |   1 respect

his football future is like another season of The Girls Next Door...over son!!!

12/16/08   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

He blows her kisses and she blows...