Kenny George: Could We See A Nearly 8-foot Tall NBA Player?

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The New York Times today informed me of UNC-Asheville center Kenny George, who I'd never heard of. And I'm not sure why I'd never heard of him after I read his stats.

George stands 7 feet 9 inches with his shoes on. He also weighs a more than solid 360 pounds and wears size 26 shoes.

Your first thought is likely, uh oh, we've got another Sun Ming Ming on our hands.

But that's not the case.

George is actually having a rather impressive senior season. He's averaging 12.8 points per game, 9.2 rebounds, and a not-so-surprising 5.4 blocked shots per game. He's also shooting an unreal 70% from the field.

The problem is that George isn't the fleetest of foot, and is only averaging 22 minutes a game - which is actually double what he averaged as a junior.

But still, he's a nightmare to defend, as the video below makes all too clear.

As you can see, George barely even needs to jump in order to dunk.

If you go on any mock 2008 NBA Draft page, you won't even see George listed. Although that's not overly surprising, given how athletic today's NBA is, I'd still have to think someone will give this guy a look.

After all, Serge Zwicker once made an NBA roster.
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1/9/08   |   CHansen

I used to know a dude who was 7'7", but he practically couldn't make it up and down the floor.  He eventually became a bouncer at a popular local bar before going into amateur wrestling as the "Giant Sequoia" or some ish.

Anyway, I doubt this guy would be useful as a 25 minute/game NBA player, but wouldn't he just be useful for the end of a game when you just need one defensive stop or you need to prevent the other team from making a solid inbound?  Or maybe if you were down by a point or two and had only a fraction of a second, you could inbound the ball up high to him.  Plus, when he's not playing the first 47 minutes of each game, you could have him out on the arena concourse with a carnival barker and have people pay to see him.

1/9/08   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

Sadly, I just watched him this weekend as UNC-Asheville beat South Carolina.


He's actually a junior this year, so he has another season to improve.

He has improved tremendously from last season to this season.  Last season he was a 7'7" player who played like he was 6'2".  This year he's playing like a big man.


He's not fast or terribly athletic (although I've only seen him play twice in person).


It's insane to watch him on an inbound play.  If you don't push him out of the lane, he catches and shoots without leaving his feet.  He can virtually dunk flat-footed. 


Unlike many tall guys, his body is pretty proportional.  (Definitely no Minute Bol)


Not sure if he's NBA material or not.  He can't run.  The key to beating him is making him run up and down the court.  I doubt he could go more than three or four minutes at a time doing that - probably missing half of the fast-break baskets on defense.


He's definitely HUGE!

1/9/08   |   Lobotomy Jones   |   7597 respect

I know him.