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Which Horse Has the Coolest Name and other Insightful Betting Practices

5/2/08 in Horse Racing   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

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Who will win the 2008 Kentucky Derby?
Cool Coal Man
Tale of Ekati
Anak Nakal
Court Vision
Eight Belles
Z Fortune
Big Truck
Colonel John
Z Humor
Smooth Air
Bob Black Jack
Denis of Cork
Cowboy Cal
Big Brown

I like to fancy myself as a casual horse racing fan, not the geek who actually studies race history, but I like to make the treck out to Arlington race track a couple times a year and put some pennies down on some wild guesses.

Usually, like most people, I'm drawn in by the most creative names. This year's field is lacking a bit in that department, making Saturday's pick more challenging.

Here's your 2008 Kentucky Derby Lineup with recent odds

1. Cool Coal Man 20-1
2. Tale of Ekati 15-1
3. Anak Nakal 30-1
4. Court Vision 20-1
5. Eight Belles 20-1
6. Z Fortune 15-1
7. Big Truck 50-1
8. Visionaire 20-1
9. Pyro 6-1
10. Colonel John 4-1
11. Z Humor 30-1
12. Smooth Air 20-1
13. Bob Black Jack 20-1
14. Monba 15-1
15. Adriano 30-1
16. Denis of Cork 20-1
17. Cowboy Cal 20-1
18. Recapturetheglory 20-1
19. Gayego 15-1
20. Big Brown 3-1

Recapturetheglory is intriguing, but that sounds a little too much like a Notre Dame influence.

Z Humor and Z Fortune are out for lack of any creativity.

Pyro just isn't my style. Denis of Cork - any truth to the rumor that Sammy Sosa is sponsoring that horse? If so, he probably won't be a strong finisher.

Court Vision probably doesn't play any defense.

Big Brown is out since it's the clear favorite. I'm not that guy.

My pick - Cowboy Cal. Just a total guess.

Who's your Derby winner?
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