Kentucky State Baseball Loses 49-1
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This Is Unfortunately Not An April Fool's Joke. Kentucky State University Loses 49-1. In Five Innings.

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I really wish that this was an April Fool's Day Joke, but it seems it is not. Today, poor Kentucky State's DII baseball team got blown the f*** out by Eastern Kentucky. The final score: 49-1. And that's in only 5 innings. I guess the 5th inning 45-run NCAA mercy rule came into effect.

Even more impressive about this game, Kentucky State had more errors (9) than hits (8) during the course of the game.

But let's get to the incredible pitching stats stats for Kentucky State. Freshman pitcher Jamal Duncan gave up 25 runs (14 earned) in 2.1 innings. Meanwhile, Jamal Wilson gave up 13 runs despite getting only one out. That barely seems possible. 13 runs come in and you only get one guy out? Man, you could stick Little Leaguers out on the field and they'd probably get one out before they gave up 13 runs.

Ah, but it gets even better. Kentucky State's team ERA for the season is an absurd 11.56. They also have a mind-blowing 61 errors in 17 games. I should note that those 17 games only provide stats through a March 25th game - they've played three games since (including today's barnburner) - so they may actually have a team ERA of 20 and 100 errors by now.

Kentucky State has lost several games this year by nearly as ridiculous margins as today's score. They lost a doubleheader to Indianapolis University by a combined 42 runs. That's, uh, not good.

By the way, despite all these crazy numbers, Kentucky State has actually won two games this season. Yes, they hammered Tuskegee University in a double-header 16-4 and 17-13. By the way, don't even ask how Tuskegee's day went on the diamond.

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