Kenyon Martin Still Bitter With Celtics

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Blog Photo - Kenyon Martin Still Bitter With Celtics
After sitting in his living room for most of the NBA season without one NBA team interested in him, the veteran Kenyon Martin is playing with a chip on his shoulder.  Three quarters of the way in to the NBA season, there are plenty of banged up teams that would request his services right now; one of them being the Boston Celtics. 
With their lone big man, Kevin Garnett, out for the next couple of weeks, the Boston Celtics are very thin in their front court.  The Celtics were courting Martin earlier this season, but decided not to go after him because they wanted someone bigger.  What the Boston Celtics didn’t realize was that there was no one bigger out there that was of Martin’s caliber.  And now, instead of having Martin or someone bigger than Martin, they have nothing to show for it.
But Martin isn’t sympathetic at all.  “It’s their fault,” Martin said after the Knicks beat the Celtics.  “They lost. There was talks, there was negotiations, they chose not to do it. It was out of my control. I’m a Knick now, so they lost.”
When Doc Rivers was asked why the Celtics didn’t go after Martin, he said, “I don’t know. “We looked at all the guys, we were still looking at guards at the time. So we were in no hurry at the time for a big. We were looking for more a big of size, if you know what I mean. And by the time we got around to it, he was gone.”
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