Kenyon Martin Without a Home

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Former Los Angeles Clipper, Kenyon Martin, came off the bench last year and averaged 22 mpg, 5 ppg, and 4 rpg.  Martin was a major contributor off the bench for the Clippers during their playoff run against the Grizzlies.  So, why hasn’t the veteran power forward received any phone calls?
"There is a notion about me that is not accurate at all – I don't know who started it or where it came from – that people can't control me," Martin told Yahoo! Sports. "I don't understand. Have I had my issues like a lot of other people? Yeah. But I'm getting back that people think they can't control me, that if I don't play I'm going to explode, or I can turn a locker room.  In 12 years there was not one day where I told one guy to dislike anybody. If you ask guys who I've played with that know me, they know what it is and know I'm about winning basketball games and competing."
At this point, Martin is willing to sign with any team – contender or not. 
"If someone calls me tomorrow, I don't care who it is, whether it's losing or winning at this point," Martin said. "If someone calls me tomorrow and wants me to come in, I'm going. Guys are going down and [teams] are like, 'Well, we are going to stick with what we got.' I'm like, 'Really?' I started questioning myself, 'Am I that bad of a guy?' "
Other veterans such as Derek Fisher (high character guy) have also received little to no interest from NBA teams.   However, with the recent gluttony of players going down, teams may soon have no choice but to acquire the services of seasoned veterans – good character and bad. 
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