Kevin Durant: “My Time is Now”

Kevin Durant: 'My Time is Now'

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Historically speaking, NBA Championship teams are usually older in age than younger in age.  Don’t tell that to Kevin Durant however. 
“I’ve heard a few times, in three or four years, this league is going to be yours. . . . I don’t like that. Because I think I’m established now. My time is now,” Durant said. “I feel as though I’ve proved myself these last five years that I can be one of the top players in the league. I’ve got a long way to go to being the ultimate best, but I think my time is now. And I’m starting to enter my prime.”
At just 23 years of age, Durant is already the three-time scoring champion and his Oklahoma City Thunder made it to the Western Conference Finals this past year. 
“I’m not going to let people define my career as a player thus far if I don’t win a championship,” Durant said. “They are going to say I’m a bust or I flopped or that I didn’t have a good career in the NBA because I didn’t win a championship in the time that they wanted me to do it? I’m just going to keep enjoying what I’m doing and hopefully I get there sooner than later.”

With the Lakers restocked and reloaded and the Miami Heat looking to repeat, the elder statesman of the NBA aren’t going yield to the young Thunder quite yet.  However, Durant and his young entourage are determined to write their own script by putting destiny in their own hands - not anyone else’s.
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