Kevin Durant Concedes Scoring Title to Carmelo Anthony

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The scoring title isn't the most prestigious award in the NBA, however, those who have a chance to secure it, will almost always go after - that is unless their team is unified toward a larger, more team-oriented goal of a championship. 

Kevin Durant, winner of the last two scoring titles, sent a message out to his followers and anyone else who bothered to listen, claiming he will be sitting out the Thunder's final regular season game, which will allow Carmelo Anthony to walk away with the title before both teams journey into the NBA postseason. 

Blog Photo - Kevin Durant Concedes Scoring Title to Carmelo AnthonyDurant would have had to score 70 points in order to steal the title from Anthony, which he failed to mention in his concession speech. Either way, both the Knicks and the Thunder have higher hopes for the season than winning individual awards. 

While a scoring title here, or recognition for MVP consideration is there, the only thing that matters, the one thing you are measured by at the end, is how many rings you wear on your fingers. Just ask LeBron James. That guy has already shattered everyones hopes and dreams of setting any statistical records because he has already set the bar so high - but he only found redemption when he won his first title. 

Titles are all that matters - and Durant is learning from Kobe and LeBron that scoring titles are a waste of energy to chase. 
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4/17/13   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

He's already gotten three scoring titles, and let's be serious... he probably wasn't gonna score 70 anyway.