Kevin Durant keeps in touch with the game despite NBA Lockout

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Had the NBA season not had a lockout, Oklahoma City Thunder manager and coach would’ve been busy shuffling players around and bringing in new blood to start a fresh season. However, with the Lockout situation now firmly in place, NBA franchises are not allowed to keep contact with any of their players.

Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant, however, has been in contact with all of his team mates.

 “I've checked in with everybody. First off, I trust all my guys. They are all working hard and getting ready for next season. We're all family and we're going to keep checking in with each other and make sure we get through this.” Durant said.

Apart from that, he has hired a personal trainer in his hometown in Miami to keep him fit for as long as the lockout situation lasts. The 22 year old is also willing to arrange private drills for the entire team, should the Lockout situation last an extended period of time. The player also added that he has been on road throughout the month to keep in touch with the players and had a training session with his boys at a veteran center Kendrick Perkins.

 “I like travelling. Working out with the guys, it's going to help us get better. Durant said.

The 22 year old has a lot of energy and positive attitude, which enables him to be active throughout the game. Durant has the same attitude off the court as well and it is that energy that keeps him going buzzing around training and getting together his teams. It was his energy that kept the Thunder alive in Oklahoma City last season and the highly inexperienced team was able to reach the finals of the Western Conference. That was however the end of the rope for the side, as the highly talented Dallas Mavericks were too powerful for them.

Despite that Durant had the heart of a champion and is now aiming to reach the finals yet again and become an NBA champion.

 “The expectations are something we can't control. I know losing (to Dallas), it hurt. But I had to look at it from the bigger picture. We got better. I wanted to win, but I look at it now like we have to go through some things before we get all the way there.” Kevin said.




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