Kevin Durant says Dwyane Wade isn't a top 10 player

Is Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade's latest social media feud just an elaborate Gatorade commercial?

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Blog Photo - Kevin Durant says Dwyane Wade isn't a top 10 player

When asked about a top 10 list of NBA players, Kevin Durant said that his former teammate James Harden should be in the top 10 over Dwyane Wade.

Wade responded on Instragram by posting the note that you can see in the picture above. To which Durant responded with that tweet.

On one hand... Kevin's right.

Dwyane Wade is no longer a truly elite player in the NBA. And anyone who watched some games last year knows that James Harden has emerged and is clearly a better player than Wade at this point in their respective careers.

On the other hand... is this even a legit beef?

Keep in mind that KD and Wade are both sponsored by Gatorade, and have appeared in Gatorade commercials together in the past.

On his radio show this morning, Dan Patrick pointed out that KD was a little TOO quick to call out Wade, and it just sounded like a commercial for Gatorade.

What do you think? Was Durant right or wrong about Harden vs Dwyane Wade? And is this sincere, or is it just a setup for a commercial? What's your take?
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