Kevin Garnett: Rookie Anthony Davisí a "freak of nature"

1/20/13 in NBA   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

The New Orleans Hornets top pick Anthony Davis’ season has been somewhat overshadowed by another rookie in the rising, Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard.
Point guard Damian Lillard’s complete domination on the Portland Trail Blazers offense has stolen the spotlight this season. Comparatively, while Anthony Davis has all the promising pieces, his offensive game is still developing – you won’t see any flashy plays from Davis driving from the wing or unexpectedly popping into action-mode in the post. Anthony Davis’ strength lies in a pick and roll offense building efficiency as well as spacing while taking smart cuts in the game to make midrange shots. Those aren’t big plays and usually don’t get with the fans.
But when the New Orleans Hornets drafted Anthony Davis, they didn’t pick him on basis of the level his game back then, but due to the promise of further growth so that in two to three years he may become the best player out of the 2012 draft class. Constantly improving on his game has been a large part of Anthony Davis’ routine. While growing up in Chicago, Anthony Davis often watched Kevin Garnett’s tapes (who finished high school in Chicago). Anthony Davis also watched other veterans’ tapes – such as Tim Duncan, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. That’s why Anthony Davis had a head start when the scouting report carrying notes on Kevin Garnett’s game came in before the New Orleans Hornets hosted the Boston Celtics at Rose Garden on Wednesday.
During Kevin Garnett’s 15 point and 4 rebound performance on Wednesday, Anthony Davis was particularly impressed by the 18-year veteran’s movement on the floor and communication with teammates.
"He looked to score the ball and he played hard the whole game," stated Anthony Davis. "(My) expectations were the reality."
So, after Wednesday’s game Anthony Davis determined he wanted to go up against the Boston Celtics big man Kevin Garnett in the future as well.
"It's fun because it's going to make me better, see where my game is, see what I need to work on," said Anthony Davis. "But it's just fun, going against primetime guys. I just want to get better. Hopefully I can play well enough to help them get better."
While Anthony Davis may be a Kevin Garnett fan, he earned one of his own on Wednesday. Anthony Davis had a double-double game leading the New Orleans Hornets to a 90-78 win and ending the Boston Celtics’ six-game winning streak after posting 10 points and 10 rebounds on Wednesday.
“That kid is long,” Kevin Garnett said afterwards. “I think he makes me look like a midget, man. … He’s a freak of nature. The kid’s going to be really good. The kid’s going to be really good.” 
For Kevin Garnett to refer to a 19-year-old player as a "freak of nature" while he’s appeared in just 26 NBA games yet, promises a bright pro career for Anthony Davis. 
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