Kevin Garnett Will Take It Year by Year

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Blog Photo - Kevin Garnett Will Take It Year by Year
When Kevin Garnett entered the NBA, he was fresh out of high school, skinny enough to play small forward, and full of Hall of Fame talent.  Fast forward seventeen years later, and Garnett is now thirty-six, playing the center spot, and is a lock to be a Hall of Famer. 
Garnett signed a three-year deal at the beginning of this year, but if you ask Garnett, he is going to take one year at a time. 
"I don't know," Garnett told Yahoo! Sports. "I will make a decision every year. I want to make sure I am having fun. I want to make sure I am productive. I got a lot of responsibility on me right now. I'll figure it out. But right now I'm still enjoying myself for the most part."
When Garnett was asked if he would be involved in the game in one way or another after he retires, he said that he would probably “Go away.”    
Garnett continued by saying, “Some players take some jobs involved in the league and do some things. I think I am going to take an alternate road. Who knows what the future holds? I'm going to disappear.  Coaching takes patience. I'm more enthused when teaching players who want it versus when I have to. Commentary is an opinion. I don't think people take the initiative to learn the player that they are speaking on. Everybody has something to say."
Everybody does have something to say, but whether you’re a fan of Kevin Garnett's passion or anti-Kevin Garnett because of his chest pounding and bad mouthing, no one can say that he isn’t one of the best power forwards in NBA history.
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