Kevin Garnett to Retire?

Have we seen the last of KG?

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After the New York Knicks finished off the Boston Celtics Friday evening, the bigger question looming over the Boston franchise is whether or not Kevin Garnett will be retiring from basketball.  The soon to be 37 year-old has a lot of mileage on him and the Celtics are clearly not contenders anymore.  Furthermore, the relationship between Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics is still up in the air, since the Celtics could buy out Pierce’s $15 million contract next year.  And as for KG, this is the biggest X-factor in his decision to retire.
"One of the big reasons I came here was because of Paul," Garnett said. "Obviously, you want to be in the situation where it's better. I want to make sure that I'm always able to help a team and be in a position to give something. I demand a lot of myself, both physically and from a skill level. I'd be lying to you all if I said Paul didn't play into that factor. It's just too soon of a conversation for me right now."
The ball is now on Danny Ainge’s court, as to whether or not he wants to continue to build around the aging duo.  The general manager has made some shrewd moves in the past, but Ainge now faces his biggest challenge this summer.
However, if Garnett does indeed retire, his hefty contract for two more years would come off the books.  Additionally, if the Celtics decide to let Pierce go, the Celtics would have plenty of money to go spending on.  And the latest rumor is that the Celtics want to bring Al Jefferson back.
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