Kevin Love claims players willing to end Lockout but refuse to surrender to owner’s unjust demands

According to Kevin Love, the players are ready end the NBA lockout - but are they really?

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Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love has claimed that the NBA players want nothing more but for the Lockout to be lifted as soon as possible. He added that despite this feelings, the NBPA is not willing to surrender their demands and wouldn’t agree to NBA owner’s unfair proposals.

The player gave his insight regarding the ongoing labor dispute between the NBA and the NBPA. Not many fans and professionals believe that there is still a chance for the new season as most people are pessimistic regarding the situation. The League has been locked out since July 1st and there has been no progress ever since.

David Stern, the NBA Commissioner, has decided to file a lawsuit against the NBPA, which has further deteriorated the relationship between the two sides. Owing to this, many believe that there is no chance for the NBA to have a 2011-12 season.  

Love is one of the many star NBA players who are out of a job till the NBA lockout is lifted. The player claimed that the NPBA shouldn’t be blamed for the current situation and that the players want to resolve the issue so that they can continue playing. Love added that the NBPA have taken more positive steps and are willing to take cuts should the NBA show some compromise too.

"We all know we'll have to sacrifice but something has to be done," Love said Tuesday night. "It has to be sooner than later. We have to get the ball rolling. We can't wait around until October or November and then nothing gets done. The owners will keep stalling and obviously they have more means than us to lock us out."

The Timberwolves player believed that the owners demands were completely unreasonable and the players won't bow down to that even though they want the Lockout lifted.

"I want to play basketball," Love said. "I want us -- the players -- to sign a great deal. I want us to make a compromise with the owners but not sign what they're proposing. We'll play hardball if we have to. I want there to be an NBA season but it's also apparent that we're going to miss games."

Love’s warning is a serious one, as more and more NBA stars believe that there is no chance of the Lockout lifting before what would be the end of another season. This means that there would be no basketball for an entire season which would lead to some incredible losses for both owners and players. Recently inducted Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman was of the same mind and was negative of seeing a 2011-12 season.



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