Kicked In The Teeth

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That Georgia St. game was a bit of a sucker punch yesterday.  All they had to do was make one stop at the end of regulation, and it would have been mine.  It wasn't meant to be though.  And I don't know about that PG of there's.  He dribbles too much, but doesn't move the ball, and you can't tell me that the last play in OT was what they drew up for a play on which the whole game, the conference title and a trip to The Madness relied.  It just seemed like the kid was bound and determined that no matter what happened, he was going to try and be the hero.  As so often times happens in a situation like that, he ends up being the goat and forcing schmoes like me to question things.  We move on.

THE NBA  (4-5 ATS/5-4 SU/3-6 TOTALS yesterday)

BUTTA  (0-1 yesterday)
There are a couple of games on tonight's schedule that I'd like to get on, but the situation, or the side I like, just doesn't look or feel 100% right to me in either case.

Hawks 96 76ers 85
BOBCATS (-2 1/2, O201 1/2) 113 PACERS (-19 1/2, O204) 120
Suns 99 Thunder 93
NETS (-3 1/2, U207 1/2) 110 BULLS (+2 1/2, O193 1/2) 101
Jazz 102 Celtics 92
ROCKETS (-13 1/2, O204 1/2) 118 MAVS (-11, U203) 109
Clippers (-4, O218) 127    
WARRIORS 110    

---The Bobcats look like they could be a strong play tonight.  They've turned their home court into a strong advantage for them this season, but they are on the b2b tonight, and that hasn't worked out well at all so far this season (5-19 SU overall and 3-5 when the closer is a home game).  The Hawks are trouble again also.  After dropping 10 of 11 out of the break, they've now ripped off 3 straight wins.  I guess they realized they had slipped to 8th in the east and had better get to work.
---The Nets are also an "almost" tonight.  The Suns had a huge win for them yesterday in Toronto, but we've seen this act with them before on the road and completing  b2b.  The only problem for me is that I'm starting to think the Nets might be another Hawks for me.  I'm not in a trusting mood with them at all.
---Coach Brooks says he's going to be sitting Russel Westbrook in b2b situations for the rest of the year so that there isn't undue strain put on his repaired knee.  The Thunder have struggled a bit since Westbrook came back, but they were really ripping while he was missing.  That sure makes for an interesting night in Chicago for the Thunder tonight.

 COLLEGE HOOPS  (1-3 ATS/2-2 SU/1-3 TOTALS yesterday)
What?  You thought all you had to do was fill out your brackets and wait for Thursday?  No, no, no, my friend.  The College Insider Tournament (CIT) starts tonight.  It's only one game, but it's something.  In some ways, I'll be paying more attention to these "lesser" tourneys from here on out because they have something that The Madness doesn't:  Games are played on campus sites so that means we can factor in home court advantage.  Here's what tonight's game looks like:
Holy Cross (+3, U135) 68    
BROWN 58                                      

Got your brackets filled out yet?  Not me.  For the first time since they started the silliness that is the "play-in" games, one of those early games is going to have a very big impact on the way I fill my bracket for that regional out.  Maybe more on that tomorrow, but the game in question isn't until Wednesday night, so I'm really going to have to rip and tear to get mine filled out before the actual start of The Madness on Thursday.  Nothing like a little pressure to get that adrenaline pumping and let you know you're alive, right?

Have a great night, everybody.  I will see you tomorrow.
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