Kid has Matt Joyce home run ball

Little kids 2, everyone else 0

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Blog Photo - Kid has Matt Joyce home run ball

This actually isn't a new picture. Based on some crack research, this screengrab appears to be from April 3 of this year, when Matt Joyce hit a walk-off HR against the Baltimore Orioles to give the Rays a 1-0 win. That having been said, I hadn't seen it until today, so now I'll share it with you guys.

Matt Ufford of SB Nation described it as a Norman Rockwell painting, which is really the best way to describe it.

All the adults in the picture are desperately searching for the HR ball, while the little kid is sitting there, holding it up for the world to see.

This reminds me a little bit about the post from a few days ago, in which a young Royals fan sniped a ball thrown to an attractive lady in the stands.

Little kids are pretty tricky.
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