Kirk Gibson Whines About Ryan Braun

Tough, Macho Kirk Gibson Still Has Hurt Feelings Over Ryan Braun

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Blog Photo - Kirk Gibson Whines About Ryan BraunArizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson isn't happy at all with Ryan Braun.  As some of you may remember, Ryan Braun tore apart the D'Backs in the 2011 NLDS with a 1.460 OPS so its understandable why Gibson may have some lingering ill feelings towards Braun.  Today, he confirmed that those lingering feelings to exist.

 Gibson said his thoughts today all started with a conversation with his wife (way to include her in this mess, Kirk), saying,

"Her point was, she gets pissed off with the PED stuff and goes back to the playoffs and Braun. Anyway, she was looking at how things like that can influence people's opportunities and the opportunity to do something like that."  

Which, as Larry Ganillo of Wezen-ball pointed out, was kind of interesting for Kirk Gibson to bring up.

How many pills was Gibson on in 1988? Miguel Tejada did just get popped for greenies yesterday, right? 105 games, even

— Larry Granillo (@wezen_ball) August 18, 2013


Braun using whatever he did in the NLDS had less effect on that game than whatever Gibson took before his PH in Game 1

— Larry Granillo (@wezen_ball) August 18, 2013
As Granillo points out, Kirk Gibson has hit one of the most iconic home runs on a bad leg in Game 1 in the 1988 World Series. Its naive to think Gibson didn't have anything to numb the pain, seeing how he apparently could barely stand without assistance.  With Miguel Tejada being suspended for 105 games for amphetamine use, which are completely legal drugs designed to make you feel better, its hard to not see some hypocrisy (though this is more on MLB's part than Gibson's).  Regardless, due to whatever Gibson put in his body, he was able to withstand the pain and had many more opportunities in life.

In the end though, maybe Gibson should just take his own advice. "All things considered, we should have won the game", Gibson added later in his own comments.  PED use didn't improve Braun's judgment at the plate, increase his bat speed, or have any effect on the Diamondback hitters or pitchers.  The Diamondbacks lost because over that five game period they weren't as good as the Brewers and Braun's PED use had nothing to do with that. 

If this is really about opportunities as Gibson and (supposedly) his wife say, instead of being a sore loser, its Gibson who has directly benefitted from putting something in his body.

[H/T] Brewers Blog - Milwaukee Journal Sentine


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What Gibson says has hit a cord with many of todays ballplayers..