Klay Thompsonís father docks his allowance

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The NBA takes disciplining its players very seriously… So does Klay Thompson’s father.
Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert and Golden State Warriors bigman David Lee were both suspended one game by the NBA in the aftermath of the Pacers-Warriors tussle during Tuesday’s game. Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson was fined $35,000 by the NBA for his role in the scuffle; but his father is going a step further to teach him a lesson the old-fashioned way. The former Lakers star and two-time NBA champion Mychal Thompson is docking his son’s allowance as a repercussion to his “dumb” actions on Tuesday.
“I saw Klay mixed up in the beginning, tied up with George Hill. I say to myself, don’t do nothing stupid now, don’t throw a punch, don’t throw the ball at anybody,” said Mychal Thompson, who along with several NBA fans watched a  on a nationally televised game, the two teams break into a scuffle , late in the fourth quarter Tuesday at Banker’s Field Lifehouse. “Then Roy Hibbert turned his back & [Klay] was like ‘now’s my chance’! I was like ‘you idiot’!”
Mychal Thompson decided to record the incident for his wife who was out at the moment, to their “dumb” son’s lack of sound decision-making. But like all mothers, she found humor in the situation.
“She got a kick out of it. She thought it was funny,” said Mychal Thompson.
Klay Thompson received the first fine of his two-year career from the NBA for the violation Papa Thompson wasn’t done with him yet. Though the 23-year-old Klay Thompson is scheduled to make $2.3 million for the 2013 season and over $3 million in 2014, his father holds the purse strings. All of Klay Thompson’s pay checks are made out to Mychal and Julie Thompson, who manage his accounts to ensure he has a stable post NBA financial future.
As of now, Klay Thompson receives $3,000 for rent and $300 in the form of weekly spending money. His recent on court indiscretion could cost him a part of that sum, which will come in a surprise.
“He will [find out he's been fined by us] when he sees that cash envelope show up a little short this week,” said Mychal Thompson, in teaching his son a life lesson. And don’t expect Papa Thompson to soften up any time soon. As he noted, if Klay Thompson wants to take out a special lady he’ll have to go within the budget.
“Go to Langers in Oakland… Go to the grocery store & get a nice [bottle of wine] for $30…”
And if the corkage fee’s an issue?
 “Sit in the car & drink it,” suggested Mychal Thompson.
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