Klopp rues over losing Dortmundís perfect start to the season

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Blog Photo - Klopp rues over losing Dortmundís perfect start to the season
Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp rued over losing the winning streak his side had been enjoying since the beginning of the season. Klopp believes his side was strong enough to record a victory over Nurnberg on Saturday, although he did make big changes to his first-team before the game.
Klopp and Co. exited from EasyCredit Stadion with only a point from the 1-1 draw. The results allowed Bayern Munich to resume position on top of the Bundesliga table. Meanwhile, Klopp lamented over his side defensive faults that led towards the defeat. 
“There was more in it for us,” Klopp said. “Even this team which I fielded can play better than we did, particularly in the phase just after the break when we were too deep -- that was unnecessary.
“We then regrouped and were the better team, but if Alex Esswein puts that chance in at the end, then Nurnberg would have won and we would have had to accept it, so a point's okay in the end.”
Klopp, who returned to the dugout after being sent off the pitch for a confrontation with the fourth official during the midweek defeat at the hands of Napoli, remained calm and composed throughout the game. However, Klopp insisted he was ready to bring out his aggressive nature at some other time.
“It's not the case that I attack the fourth official after every action, even if that is the impression,” Klopp told Sky. “I don't need to be tied up, everything's fine.”
Borussia Dortmund won the first five game of the season, but a Champions League defeat to Napoli on Wednesday and a draw against Nurnberg have upset their perfect start to the season. Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller insists his side has nothing to complain about, and that instead are looking forward to better performances.
After winning their first five games of the season, Wednesday's defeat to Napoli and Saturday's draw have interrupted Dortmund's flying start to the season, but goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller says his side can have no complaints.
“We can be very happy with a point here,” Weidenfeller said. “We had one or two chances that we could have done better with, and then we could have won it, but we didn't play the glorious pass to our strikers to get the goal.”
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