Knicks' Anthony seeks out fight with Garnett after heated game

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Blog Photo - Knicks' Anthony seeks out fight with Garnett after heated game

According to eyewitness reports from atleast one Daily News reporter, Carmelo Anthony waited for Kevin Garnett outside the visitors clubhouse following the Knicks' 6 point loss to the Celtics at the Garden last night. After being ushered away from the clubhouse, Melo, showing the same misplaced tenacity that led him to go 6-26 from the field, decided he would go and wait for KG at the teams bus. 

It was there that he was reportedly restrained and removed by Garden security, and even coach Woodson himself.

For anybody who watched the Knicks battle the Celtics last night, and it truly was as much of a battle as a basketball game, this is not too surprising. It was a physical game and constantly appeared as if it was going to boil over at any moment, devolving into a brawl. Instead, the Celtics were able to rattle Carmelo with the intended results-- put him out of rhythm and get into his head. In the crucial stretch of the 4th quarter we saw Anthony force a number of ill-advised shots, not with the usual cool and calm demeanor characteristic of the leagues second leading scorer, but with an ounce of malice that clearly threw him off his game.

If there wasn't a true rivalry before, there's certainly one now. These teams will meet again January 24th in Boston, but with the man who's supposed to be the Knicks' MVP waiting outside the Celtics' bus looking for a fight following a loss, there's no doubt that game one, in more ways than one, goes to the guys in green. 
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I know it gets heated and tempers flair... but he has to think about the team and being there for them.  Lets say he decides to fight him outside and punches him... hits me with an awkward punch and breaks his hand... that was smart... now he is out for weeks if not a couple of months and his team suffers.  I remember a certain player on the Knicks punching a trophy case and breaking the glass and almost severing a tendon in his hand and was out for the playoffs.  Brilliant.  

Irregardless of what Garnett said or did the refs have to reel it in.  And you have to maintain your "composure".  The best revenge is winning... beating them.  Grow up and win!