Knicks' Outlook After Stoudemire Injury

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Yesterday the Knicks got awful news as it was announced that Stoudemire will be out for approximately the next six weeks.

In 29 games this season, the 10-year veteran averaged 14.2 points and five rebounds in 23.5 minutes, shooting 57 percent from the field. He looked like he might have been getting into a zone.

For those wondering, six weeks from today, will be April 21. The Knicks play their last regular season game on April 17, so if he comes back on time, he will be coming back in the playoffs.

Amar'e Stoudemire will be out for approximately the next 6 weeks with a knee injury.

Now, the big thing Knick fans, like myself are wondering, is how much of an impact is this going to have on the Knicks? They are currently 38-22 after yesterday’s win against the Jazz. With their record, they are sitting in second in the Eastern conference, just a half a game above the Pacers.

This is not going to be the first time Amare has missed extended this season. To start out the season, he missed the first 23 games. In those first 23 games, the Knicks went 18-5. If you do the math, this means they only went 19-17 with him available (He was out before the Jazz game).

Is this all contributed to him? Not in my opinion. Amare had developed a great low post game during the offseason and the last few weeks, especially the last few games with Anthony out, Amare was looking like the old one Knicks fans can remember from a few years ago. In fact, he was one of their real only consistent scoring options with Anthony out of the lineup.

With Amare out for really the remainder of the season, and given how the Knicks started out the year without him, some may wonder if they will finish the season just as strong.

Though I like the Knicks having Stoudemire as an option, I do think there is a possibility that the Knicks could get back to their old winning ways.

When you think about what the Knicks did early in their hot start, they moved the ball well, shot the three well, and defended. One of the reasons why they were so successful with this was because Anthony played almost the entire game at the power forward position.

Remember when Carmelo Anthony was in the discussions for MVP? Though it seems like such a long time ago, if you remember, it was back in the days when he was the starting power forward and Stoudemire was not healthy.

Though I personally think this injury hurts the Knicks and hurts their chances in the playoffs, especially against a team like Indiana, I do think this injury presents the Knicks the opportunity to get back to what they were doing so well in the first quarter of the year.

With Amar'e out of the lineup, Anthony will once again be called upon to play power forward.

The Knicks will most likely not catch the Heat who are running away with the East, but do have the chance to seal up the number two seed, which is very important, and most importantly have the chance to get some momentum heading into the playoffs.

The Knicks will need to get back to their efficient and fluent offense of November and December. Playing the small lineup gives them the opportunity to do so. It looks like this may be the lineup the Knicks will be playing with for the remainder of the regular season.

If the Knicks are able to advance out of the first round of the playoffs, and Amare is ready to comeback around the six week time frame, I will be fascinated to see the approach the Knicks take with bringing him back. That could be a whole other mess.

Article via @NewYorkSportGuy

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