Knicks ex-coach advises Mike Woodson to stick to what he has to do

2/10/14 in NBA   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsFor a little over six seasons the New York Knicks head coach was Jeff Van Gundy. A veteran coach now retired from the job and an analyst, Goods is all too familiar with how things are run in NBA and what is the stress that comes with the job.
Gundy is a fan of Knicks and now works as an analyst for ESPN. The current head coach for the Knicks is Mike Woodson and things aren’t going well for him. The stress is high and the team really needs to pick up the performance level. As Gundy had been in that position, he is naturally curious with how things are turning out with the team he left. He is also interested in how the coach is handling things as he was in the same shoes in a bygone time.
People have been pessimistic with how Woodson has been handling things and the output he has been giving. Despite all that Gundy has always rooted for the coach and had faith in him in even the toughest time. People might be saying he is not cut for the job but Gundy has said he can very well handle the coaching gig. 
On the “The Ian O’Connor Show” Gundy was asked to lend some advice on how Woodson should handle things. Gundy gave a very clear cut and precise answer to that question, simply saying he should focus on his job and quit listening to all the speculation and rumors going around.

“Just do your job and don’t feel the need to update the media on your feelings because it doesn’t matter,” Van Gundy said. “Just do your job. You know how to coach and you’ve done it very well there. I wouldn’t apologize to anyone if I was him because I think he’s handled himself very, very well in a difficult situation.” 
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